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Pain in the feet and ankles can have many possible causes. Although lower extremity pain is sometimes caused by a systemic (body-wide) illness, such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout, it usually is a local condition that affects only the foot.

We have gathered information here to assist you in learning more about the kinds of problems that can occur to cause pain in your legs, ankles and feet, what symptoms to look for, what conservative at-home measures can be taken by you, when it's time to see a doctor and what foot treatments by your doctor may be needed.

Browse through our General Foot Information pages, or find information on specific foot problems in the Foot Ailment pages to get started.



Know Your Feet

How much do you know about your feet? Take our Quiz and find out. Even if you're an expert, this section will have something for you, from children's feet, to advice on shoes, to looking at how you walk affects your foot pain.

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When Feet Go Wrong

Foot problems are very common. More than 70% of all people in the United States will have painful foot problems at some time during their lifetime. Nevertheless, foot pain is not normal and should be taken seriously.

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Where Does it Hurt?

A podiatrist or podiatric surgeon can be of immense help in diagnosing and treating foot problems. This section is designed to give you plenty of information BEFORE you go to a doctor, and a list of questions to ask.

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