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Dellon Decompression Procedure

The Dellon Decompression Procedure relieves peripheral neuropathy pain


Dellon Decompression

In the past, neuropathy was approached as a painful disease state for which symptoms could only be masked, but could rarely be cured. Some doctors subscribe to the theory that the nerve dies from the effects of neuropathy, and that the only treatment is to mask the pain and live with the disease.

The Dellon Decompression Procedure was developed in response to this theory, and has been a revolution in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. The procedure was pioneered by Dr. Lee Dellon, a plastic surgeon at Johns Hopkins University. The surgery involves freeing up the pressure areas in the legs, ankles, and feet, similar to a carpal tunnel procedure.

We now know that the nerve is not dead, but has poor conducting abilities, similar to that of a short in electrical wiring. This is caused by compression around and within the nerves. This compression is much like that seen in carpal tunnel syndrome where the hands experience numbness, tingling and burning due to compress of the wrist nerve. In fact, if the compression continues long enough within the carpal tunnel, loss of muscular strength will also occur.

The Dellon Decompression is an exciting new treatment option for patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy, dropfoot and neuritis. This has truly been a revolutionary procedure that has helped thousands of patients.

The surgical procedure for lower extremity neuropathy is similar to that done for carpal tunnel, by relieving pressure in the legs, ankles and feet. The Dellon Procedure involves decompressing multiple nerves of the lower extremities. Decompressing means to create a bigger opening in the fascia, so that the nerves are no longer compressed.

A. Lee Dellon, M.D., is a plastic surgeon/hand surgeon who had been operating on his diabetic patients for carpal tunnel syndrom for a number of years. Many of this patients had asked repeatedly if he couldn't do something for their feet and legs. This led him to seek answers and to check the research in this field. After much research, he developed his technique to decompress the leg "tunnels," just as he had for their carpal tunnels. He translated the techniques for the median, ulnar and radial decompression in the hands, to those comparable sites in the feet. He and his patients soon found that the pain symptoms went away, and that sensation that had been lost in the legs and feet, now returned. Basically the surgery decompresses the tunnels by making them bigger, thus restoring the function of the nerves. Once the pressure is off the nerves, the nerve function is restored. Also, the risk for ulceration and amputation is now lessened.

Dr. Dellon found that by performing a surgical nerve decompression 80% of all patients have good to excellent relief of their neuropathic pain or numbness.

Dr. Richard Jacoby, a Four Time Phoenix Magazine Top Doc Winner as a leading Scottsdale Podiatrist, has performed thousands of successful Dellon Procedures for peripheral neuropathy, most commonly in diabetic neuropathy patients. In indicated patients, studies have shown the procedure maintains an 80% effectiveness with good to excellent relief of neuropathic pain or numbness.

In addition, results have shown that no patients have needed to go on to subsequent diabetic amputations.* Peripheral neuropathy is not an easy diagnosis to treat, and we have been successfully combining its comprehensive options for years to the benefit of patients dealing with a painful, disabling disease.

*Results cannot be guaranteed.