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Hammertoes / Bone Spurs / Exostosis

Hammertoes, exostosis (bone spurs) could also be grouped under arthritis. Hammertoes, bonespurs, and exostosis are all a result of an imbalance of the muscle structures of the toes, when the toes become crooked, bent, or buckle under, causing joints to protrude. These are all descriptions of a biomechanical imbalance.


Picture of Hammertoes


Although heredity can be a factor in the formation of these conditions, usually it is ill-fitting shoes that precipitate these conditions. In diabetics, or people with poor circulation, hammertoes can be a serious condition. Infections can ensue and the hammertoes can become the source of loss of limb.

If a corn develops over a hammertoe, it is usually a result of the pressure between the toe and the shoe.


First aid remedies that can be tried at home:

But, if redness or infection are present, the care of a podiatrist, orthopedist, or family doctor is recommended.

If the deformity is permanent and causing constant pain, surgical correction utilizing a tenotomy, capsulotomy or arthroplasty (realigning the bone) is the next stage of treatment.

Usually hammertoes can be repaired without using pins or wires, but sometimes this is necessary. In some extremely deformed toes your doctor will recommend an implant to be placed inside the joint to help maintain alignment. Earlier ambulation is encouraged with the use of a post-operative shoe.

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