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Metatarsal Problems / Callus / IPK

Picture of Metatarsal In severe cases of calluses, which usually occur on the plantar aspect (bottom) of the foot, an IPK can develop. An IPK is, in medical terminology, an

  • Intractable, meaning that it will not go away,
  • Plantar, meaning bottom of the foot,
  • Keretosis, meaning a deep seated painful callus that usually occurs under a weight bearing metatarsal (long bone of the foot).

What Can You Do?

Some treatments you can try are orthotics, padding, massage, paraffin baths, and other conservative methods

If these methods do not relieve the problem, surgical intervention is necessary. There are many types of surgeries to employ to correct this problem. A "V" osteotomy (cutting of the bone) is the most common osteotomy for the second, third and fourth metatarsal, and an oblique osteotomy for the fifth metatarsal.

Sometimes internal fixation, pins or screws, are used to help stabilize the bones when surgery is indicated. These surgeries are usually done under a local block anesthesia, and the patient is usually ambulatory (walking) immediately after the surgery in a post operative Cast Walking Boot. The newer medications make this procedure safe and pain free, but your doctor needs to be consulted as to specific cause for the specific treatment.

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