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Ingrown Nails / Fungus Nails

Picture of Nails An ingrown toenail is a condition in which the nail is cutting into the flesh. This condition is usually very painful and is usually associated with infection of the toe. A nail is ingrown when one or both corners or sides of the nail grow into the skin of the toe. Irritation, redness, uncomfortable sensation of warmth, as well as swelling, pain and infection can result from an ingrown toenail.

This condition is not to be taken lightly. A toenail infection in the presence of diabetes or vascular problems can lead to loss of limb.

If you think you have a systemic condition (a condition which can be life threatening) you should see your physician/podiatrist immediately. However, if you have a mild ingrown toenail that you think is mildly inflamed, a good over-the-counter medicine such as TNT Topical Nail Treatment may be effective for you.

Fungus Nails If the toenail is discolored and thickened, then you may have a mychotic (fungus) infection. This is most readily treated by either a topical medication such as TNT Nail Treatment, Antifungal Nail Treatment, or a new oral medication such as Sporanox.

But again, an ingrown toenail is a serious condition for people with impaired circulation, diabetes or other systemic diseases, and care and treatment of this condition should be sought from a podiatrist or family doctor.

Soaks, topical ointments such as Neosporin, and correct filing of the nail (cut toenails straight across, and leave slightly longer than the end of the toe, then file straight across) are also beneficial.

If surgery is indicated, in that conservative measures have failed, then a phenol (a chemical technique) is usually the procedure of choice. Most foot doctors (Podiatrists) employ this ingrown toenail surgery procedure on an out-patient basis.

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